Why you should get the 2-in-1 Pressure washer hose reel

by Brandon Welch

Hose reels are specifically made to keep your pressure washer out of trouble. If you use your pressure washer without a hose reel, chances are that you are not going to use it for very long. So a hose reel corrects that problem. However, what if you could have both worlds in just one tool?

That is where the 2-in-1 pressure washer comes into play. This article will help you understand the wonderful innovation that comes with this machine and tool.

Everything you should know about the 2-in-1 pressure washer

Just as its name implies, the pressure washer has two uses. It can be used as a pressure washer. It also comes with its hose reel. This means that you simply do not have to get a separate hose reel to get the job done.

Everything you need is in this pressure washer. Most of them will often come with a mounted wall design. This is the design for using both the pressure washer and the hose reel with minimum fuss.

Top Benefits of the 2-in-1 pressure washer

Just thinking about this tool will open your mind to its many benefits. Let’s consider some of them

1. Convenience

You probably used to think that hose reels on their own are just super convenient. You are right. However, this tool just takes everything to a whole new level. It gives you the most important things you need to get started in one go.

That really simplifies the whole process.

2. It solves the problem of storage

For most people, one of their major problems was finding a space for both the pressure washer and its hose reel. If you have very limited space at home, then you will surely relate to this.

With the 2-in-1 pressure washer, things are totally different. You don’t have to find double spaces to ensure that your tools fit. Better yet, most of the tools come in a small size. This means that they can easily fit into smaller spaces.

That takes care of the entire problem.

3. Merged cost

Another benefit you are likely to get is that of merged cost. When you buy a hose reel and a pressure washer differently, you are going to spend way more than when you buy them together. This makes buying the 2-in-1 pressure washer the most sensible way to go.

How much can you expect to buy the 2-in-1 pressure washer?

The price of the 2-in-1 pressure washer hose reel will be anywhere from $120 upwards to about $200. Again, it depends on the features that the machine comes with and the manufacturer you decide to use. However, choose a price that will not leave you drained.


The pressure washer and the hose reel work amazingly well when used together. It therefore only makes sense to actually buy both of them in one go. The 2-in-1 pressure washer hose reel allows you that opportunity. It’s something you should really consider closely.

For others though, it is a no-brainer.

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