Here’s what you should know about the types of pet feeders

by Brandon Welch

Because a lot of pet owners are getting occupied with work and other life activities, pet gadgets such as the automatic pet feeder are slowly gaining recognition. These pet feeders ensure that as an owner, you do not have to worry about your pets getting well-fed whenever you’re not around.

The truth is, there are different types of feeders, and the earlier you get to know about them, the better. In this piece, we shall take a broader look at some of the automatic pet feeders that you should consider getting for your pet.

Types of Pet Feeders (for dogs)

Below are some of the likely options to choose from:

1. Feeders with obstacles

Just like the name implies, these feeders are made of plastics and they come with obstacles that are usually located at the center. The obstacles help to slow down the speed at which your dog feeds. Simply put, it makes food hard to access. It helps to control vomiting, choking, unhealthy weight gain, gastric disorders, etc, in your pet.

2. Dog feeders according to the size of the dog

If you own a dog, you should compare its size with that of other dogs that you’ve seen elsewhere. That’s because it isn’t going to be right for you to get a pet feeder that’s not suitable for the size of your pet.

When you get into stores, the sizes of bowls there would help you make a perfect decision.

3. Automatic pet feeders

If you’re an owner who spends a better part of their day outside the home, it’s likely going to be impossible to have your pet fed at regular intervals. Automatic pet feeders are ideal options for pet owners who are always out.

This particular pet gadget comes with two containers. The first is meant to house the food and the second is where the pet feeds directly from. If you’re going for this option, ensure that you don’t put in wet meals in it as it’s not ideal. Automatic pet feeders come with a clock that helps you to schedule a specific time that you want food to be dispensed.

4. Stainless steel or aluminum bowls

The stainless steel and aluminum bowl usually come in different sizes and shapes. If your dog is one that’s always restless and likes to play while feeding, this would be an ideal option for it. They are also easy to clean.

5. Plastic dog feeders

Plastic dog feeders come in different types/models. Ensure that you don’t leave old meals in them as they are capable of attracting bacteria. Before introducing your dog to this, make sure that they do not have allergies to plastic. You may want to visit a doctor before taking this option.


Pet feeders are great options for every dog owner. This guide elaborately explains the different types we have for dogs and why you should choose either of them. So what are you waiting for? Get a pet feeder as soon as you can!

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