What problems will you face without a hose reel?

by Brandon Welch

Do you have a garden? Yes. Is it a large space? Yes. Do you water your plants frequently? Check. Do you have a hose reel? No. How do you store your hose after usage? By either leaving it to lie around or stuffing it somewhere in a disorganized manner.

If this is you, you’re in trouble. A lot of people haven’t appreciated the benefits that a hose reel offers. Even though you don’t want to buy large ones, a rapid reel is portable and helps you to move your hose from one part of your garden to the other conveniently

If you don’t think that buying hose reels is worth the time and investment, here are some problems you must face without them. But before that, what is a hose reel?

For those who don’t know what hose reels are, they’re simply cylindrical tools made of fiberglass, metal, or plastic that are used to conveniently roll up hoses and store them. There are different classes of hose reels- electrical, manual, and automatic.

Now you don’t have an excuse.

What problems will you face without a hose reel?

1. Your hose will not last

When you’re buying a product, you look out for durability. You don’t buy a product today and expect it to get bad within a month. However, no product will last as long as you want it to if it’s not protected and cared for.

Without a hose reel, your hose will get damaged in less than no time. First off, there will be wear and tear of specific parts. Then, it can also be damaged when there are severe summer or winter periods, or even harsh environmental conditions.

Should we also talk about the damage UV lights cause?

Buy a hose reel and save yourself the stress. The lifespan of your hose will increase and you won’t spend money prematurely.

2. Injuries

Imagine leaving your hose scattered all over your garden. It could cause severe injuries for you and your loved ones. You could step on it and slip. Your toddlers or little children could trip over it or get entangled in it during their play sessions.

All of these could be avoided if you only used a hose reel. A small monetary investment could be the thin line between life and death tomorrow (well, not exactly death but you get the drill)

3. Your yard will look untidy

Uncleanliness never looks good on anyone. Imagine walking into a yard and seeing a detangled hose littered everywhere. It doesn’t look good and doesn’t speak well of your character. Should we consider the tiny insects that could find a home under the hose?

A hose reel solves this. It neatly rolls up the hose and allows you to place it where it won’t cause harm.

4. It enhances efficiency and productivity

So, you wake up on a bright determination-filled morning and decide to water your plants. Calculate the time you’d use to assemble the hose and channel it to the plants. That time will be reduced when you have a hose reel because it’s already arranged.

Do you still have doubts?

Thought as much.

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