Top Factors To Consider Before Buying a Garden Hose

by Brandon Welch

Need a quality Garden Hose to help make your gardening journey easier? You can actually get it here. The use of this garden tool has become very important especially now that many people have taken to gardening for its economic and aesthetic purposes.

Using a garden hose saves you the stress of carrying water from the storage tank to the beds. Additionally, it makes cleaning easy. Cutlasses, hoes, and other gardening equipment can be cleaned using a garden hose.

The advantages of using a garden hose are inexhaustible but remember, you can only enjoy maximum benefits if you choose right.

Factors To Consider Before Buying a Garden Hose

Below are factors to consider before buying a garden hose to ensure you end up with the best.

Type of Garden Hose

There are different types of garden hose available in the market. You can either go for yard goods or a ready-made hose in standard sizes.

Note that some types of hoses are flexible and expands when water flows through them. The major advantage of a flexible hose is that it saves space and is therefore suitable for balconies and terraces.

You can also get a Flexi telescopic hose or a Flat hose if you don’t want anything taking up your space. Another type of Garden Hose is PVC hoses. They are made of plasticizers and are therefore not friendly to the environment.

Alternatively, the use of Rubber hoses is eco-friendly although they are quite heavy and not easy to transport.

Sprinkler System

A spray nozzle, also called a spray gun determines how the water jet can be dosed. While some garden hoses are built with a simple spray nozzle, others are designed with a watering rod or even a lawn sprinkler.

Most gardeners prefer watering rods because it is accessible to every corner of your garden. When buying a garden hose for your home, endeavor to get one with spray nozzles that can be replaced.

Hose Length

The hose must be long enough to reach every corner of your garden. In as much as long hoses are advantageous, it shouldn’t be too long. When a hose is too long, it could cause accidents especially with kids around.

Hose Weight

Numerous layers of various materials add to the weight of a hose. Generally, a Garden hose is of better quality if it weighs more. A hose of 20 meters should weigh approximately 3 kilos. But the weight of a 20 meters hose will be less if it is made from cheap inferior products.


Just like with every product, proper attention should be paid to a label before making purchases. A good product should have the manufacturer’s name and the model name boldly indicated on the label.

It should contain extra information such as the advantages and harm associated with the product. Model color should also be indicated. Using dark colors is more advisable because they do not support the formation of algae.


Other factors to be considered include the quality of the materials used in production, connection, and diameter.

With all these in mind, making the best choice wouldn’t be such a difficult task.

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