The Frameless Shower Screen- Is it Worth the Extra Coin?

by Brandon Welch

It would be wrong not to start with just how incredible and epic having a frameless shower screen in your bathroom would be. But that might lead some to have doubts. So instead of writing out a “propaganda”, this article will be geared toward all the attributes of a typical frameless shower screen. We want the best for you, but not to your detriment financially speaking.

To fully understand how and in what way the frameless shower screen is a superior option, we need to make comparisons. We will briefly introduce the other types of shower screens and their apparent advantages. Then we will look into what ways the frameless shower screen is superior to the others. Hopefully, by the end of this article, we will all be on the same page about the worth of the frameless shower screen.

Brief Intro of Other Models of Shower Screens

1. Framed Shower Screen: This is the earliest model. Initially, bathrooms were just kind of “wide open” rooms. But some people preferred a bit of privacy in the bathroom when they take their bath. This demand led to the idea of mini enclosures in the bathroom. The framed models were also made of glass, but they had metal running all around their edges. Both the door and the general edges.

2. Semi Frameless Shower Screens: With time the framed shower screens were modified into the semi-frameless shower screens. The aim of this particular design of shower screens was to cut down on the amount of metal. So it was more of glass with metal just around the general edges. No metal around the door. It was sleeker but equally more expensive than the typical framed model. But not as expensive as the frameless shower screens.

3. Frameless Shower Screens: It does not seem that bathroom design will get any more impressive than the frameless shower screen in the near future. At this point, the shower screen could be described as being “all glass, no metal”. Of course, the frameless shower screen would be more expensive than the typical framed shower models and the semi-frameless shower models.

Advantages of the Frameless Shower Screens

The typical semi-frameless shower screen is cheaper than the frameless shower screens, no doubt. But there are some advantages and facts about the frameless shower screens that you need to know about.

The first advantage is that the glass is built to be easy to clean. It does not readily hold on to lather or foam from soap.

Next, with the framed and semi-frameless shower screens you would have to get just the right one. Such that the colour of the metal blends with the whole theme of your bathroom. But the frameless is made up of transparent and extremely clear modified glass. So it seems to just blend right in.

In conclusion, the frameless shower screens are similar to the other shower screens but better in every way. So if the other shower screens are worth their prices, don`t you think the frameless shower screens is also worth the extra coin? It is worth it.


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