Suspended Fireplace to Warm Up Your Home with Style

by Brandon Welch

A fireplace is something that you can style and design in different ways that will suit your living room decor. You have a lot of options like stone or brick wall-mounted fireplaces but a fireplace hanging to your home ceiling is becoming a more popular choice to enhance the home decor. It allows you to decorate your living room along with creating a cozy vibe.

Suspended Fireplace

Suspending fireplaces are a unique design that can suit your lofty ceilings and can enhance their impact. Additionally, they come with high quality as compared to the traditional models and also perform the job more efficiently.

Types of Suspended Fireplaces

You have different types of suspended fireplace options depending upon the design, the firebox type you want to choose (open or closed), or the position whether you want to set it at the Central or the corner or the wall mounted. They also vary in their fuel as you may want to take a suspended gas fireplace or a wood fireplace. Gas Fireplaces are continuously growing as they don’t cause any smell or need a lot to manage.

Advantages of Suspended Fireplaces

There are a lot of advantages that you can get by changing your traditional fireplace to a suspended fireplace. Some of them are described below:

  • They are more than a piece of heating equipment, a hanging fireplace is an aesthetic addition to your living room. You can also customize them or paint them to match your home furniture or decor.
  • It also has been observed that a suspended fireplace heats your room more effectively. Especially if it is mounted in the center then the heat will dissipate in all directions and your whole room will be warm with the same intensity as the places near the fireplace.
  • The latest advanced hanging fireplaces are good in the quality of working. They work as instant warmth providers. A gas-suspended fireplace can heat your living room very quickly.
  • As mentioned earlier you have a lot of options to rely on. You can find different fireplaces with different shapes and designs and more can be personalized with paints and colors.


There are some drawbacks of suspended fireplace that are provided here:

  • You may need to buy your fuel if you are buying a gas fireplace. Normally people have woods free of cost so it is free to burn the fireplace but the gas would cost you.
  • These suspended fireplaces need to be installed carefully and properly. Special professionals and technique persons are required to set them. Installing them on your own can be a risky task as they may fall if not properly placed.
  • As compared to traditional fireplaces you may find difficulties in cleaning the suspended fireplaces.

Ending Remarks

Now advanced heating systems are available, a suspended fireplace can be a good option for those who want to use a fireplace to get warm as well as to serve as a good decoration piece.

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