Quartz to Marble Countertops-Which Is The Best?

by Brandon Welch
Nero Marquina Quartz Countertops for kitchen

Have you been wondering whether quartz is pricey than marble countertops? When it is time to choose your countertop, you should weigh in on a couple of important factors: what works best for the design you select? What is ideal for your environment? What is your budget? Your kitchen and bathroom are some of the two most essential yet costly rooms to renovate in your home.

Therefore, it is crucial to weigh in on the overall price and some of the essential features critical to your renovation. In this article, we focus on quartz vs marble countertops. Just to be sure to choose the right countertop for your kitchen and bathroom, here are a couple of factors to consider when comparing quartz to marble countertops.

  • The Material– Quartz is humanmade. It is also an engineered product of stone fused with resins from polymer. Its popularity is vastly increasing following its beauty as well as durability. Classic marble, on the other hand, is a naturally metamorphosed limestone with desirable qualities that hail from various countries across the world.
  • Cost of Material– Just approximately how much is marble flooring? Quartz is slightly pricier than marble. Its price ranges from $50-150 per square foot. Marble’s price ranges between $60-160 per square foot. This does not sound like the price range between granite as well as marble flooring.  The actual cost for quartz countertops ranges between $2,000-5000. Marble flooring on the other side may set you back to $8,000.
  • Look and Appearance – If you would instead choose consistency, then your best option is quartz. It is not just uniform in color or pattern but has a variety of color samples to choose what you prefer. Quartz can also mimic the appearance of natural stone. One such product is Calacatta Quartz which gives you the marble look without the demands for maintenance. Other than that, there are a couple of bold colors to choose from. They include red and brown. Whether you intend to invest in modern or conventional looks, you will be in a position to find that color pattern that perfectly suits your aesthetic.
  • On the other hand, marble is an excellent material that adds beauty and elegance to your space. It can be incorporated into any room. Each slab has a coloring coupled with veining just as in Crema Marfil as well as Calacatta Marble. In case this is what you could be looking for, you must remember that unique features such as marble countertops since they increase the value of your home. That additional expense will be worth it for you.
  • Maintenance– Countertop maintenance can be a daunting task. If you do not have the time to maintaining your natural stone and ensuring that it is in shape, then you need to go with. It is one of the lower maintenance options available in the world. Homeowners with kids should not worry about the possibilities of damaging their surfaces.

In Closing

In general, quartz is an affordable alternative that can easily mimic the appearance of marble without that hefty price tag. On the other hand, the marble sculpture is just that, marble! Regardless of your options and considerations when choosing a countertop that suits your kitchen needs, when you are prepared to upgrade, contact us for a wide variety of natural stone products coupled with quartz.  

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