How Best to Use a Moon Shelf

by Brandon Welch

The moon shelf is a special piece of décor that can add a touch of magic to any room. A perfect gift for the home, this shelf is not only beautiful but also functional. It can be used to display candles and other items, making it a great way to add some charm to any room.

Here are some ideas on how best to use the moon shelf:

Use it as a focal point in the room

This is probably one of the most obvious uses for a moon shelf, but it’s also one of the most effective ways to use this type of furniture. The idea is to place it where you spend most of your time in your home. This could be in your living room or bedroom, depending on where you have the most space and enough light. The reason is that you want people who enter into your home to see this particular piece first when they walk in, so it needs to be somewhere that catches their eye immediately.

Display your collectibles

This can be anything from figurines, China ornaments or even plants. You can even use it as a display for your children’s artwork or awards if they are school aged. Just make sure whatever you choose will not fall off or get damaged by being placed there.

Display photos

This is another great idea since it allows you to display photos from all over the world without having them pinned up on a wall where they can get damaged by sunlight or dust particles which can cause fading over time. Plus, if you want something different than just plain old white walls then this is an excellent choice!

Book Storage

A moon shelf makes an excellent book storage option because it allows you to put larger books on display while still keeping them accessible when needed. It also provides room for other types of items like DVDs or CDs in case you do not have enough space elsewhere in your home for these types of things.

Use Your Moon Shelf for Decorations

If you have an area in your home that needs some decorating, then you might want to consider using your moon shelf for this purpose. There are many different types of decorations that you can use on your moon shelf including vases, plants, candles and other items that will add colour and beauty to your living space.

Get Creative with Your Moon Shelf

You don’t have to use your moon shelves simply for storing things; they can also be used as decorative pieces! If you have some extra wall space in your living room, consider hanging up some artwork on the wall using Command Strips or another adhesive hook product. Then hang up some baskets underneath each piece of art or just above them if there isn’t enough room on the wall! This will give your space some added personality space.


Many people don’t understand how to use a moon shelf. And when figuring out how to use a moon shelf, one must first understand what it is. A moon shelf is simply a piece of wood that’s been carved into the shape of a crescent. You can put it in your bedroom and place small, delicate objects on it – like jewelry, perhaps – or you can turn it into a romantic addition to your honeymoon suite. You never have to live in a home without it, as you can have one made up to order at any time, and you’ll be able to use your moon shelf for years to come!

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