Glass Verandas Modern Outdoor Extension Ideas by OpenSun

by Brandon Welch
Modern glass Verandas Design Ideas

Creative and awesome design ideas, to make an extension of the house with modern glass verandas. This glass verandas can be a place for enjoying nature for every season, every weather. Extend the indoor verandas glass balcony with this modern by OpenSun. This addition to its modern circular house has any areas of contemporary panels, floor to ceiling glass sliding. Available in any size, so its only limits are your imagination and your budget! Open your home to a bath or pool and deck, create a walk through the kitchen, or add nature to the room where you will enjoy unobstructed views from the city, forest, desert – wherever you call “home.” Regardless if you live in a warm or cold, you’ll enjoy this balcony verandas glass throughout the year.

Creative Modern glass Verandas Design Ideas

Open panels Modern glass Verandas Design Ideas

Sketch of Modern glass Verandas Design Ideas

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