Materials used in a durable bathroom countertop

by Brandon Welch
durable bathroom countertop

Functionality might be your first priority when you are choosing a kitchen countertop. But, you know, functionality and durability are essential for the bathroom, as well.

The bathroom countertop may not have to face the same abuse as the kitchen countertop. Still, it has to withstand the abuse of lipstick, hair dye, water splash, soap, or the mess children make.

That means you need to give equal important while choosing a durable bathroom countertop. The durability depends on the material used in the bathroom countertop. Here we come with some of the famous and durable bathroom countertop recommendations. Take a look. 

Most Durable Bathroom Countertops


A countertop is durable and long-lasting when it is stain resistant. Granite countertops are the most durable bathroom countertop these days. Granite is basically a natural stone that is unique in pattern and color.

This is a popular choice for high-end bathrooms. It does a commendable job by resisting stain. But, you have to reseal it sometimes. With a little maintenance, a granite-made bathroom countertop lasts for years.

Ceramic, Glass, or Porcelain Tile

Nowadays, tile is an accessible and affordable option for bathroom countertop. It also goes well with bathroom vanity Bunnings. Tiles are found in ceramic, glass, or porcelain material. These are best to give your bathroom countertop a modern and trendy look.

Among the three, porcelain is the most harder and durable option for countertop. It also mimics the look of wooden designs. However, ceramic tiles also give the countertop a metallic look. The only downside of tiles is the need to clean the grout. Luckily, these days, tiles are available at larger sizes, which has less grout line.


The laminate includes a layer of plastic that is attached to a particleboard core. Laminate countertops are stain and heat resistant. So they last for years. Also, laminate is highly customizable, which can be cut any sizes. On top of that, a laminate countertop is a budget-friendly option.


Quartz looks like limestone, marble, or granite as the material has a blend of stones with quartz. But, quartz countertops are more resistant to stains and scratches. That’s why they last more than stone countertops. Quartz comes in a range of thicknesses and colors. So you get more options for your countertops.

Solid-Surface Materials

It looks like natural stone, solid surface material is most popular these days. These are made from a mix of polyester particles and acrylic along with resins. The surface can withstand high heat and scratches. Also, these are easy to maintain.

Ultra-compact Countertops

Ultra-compact countertops are made from a blend of porcelain, quartz, and glass. These look like stone or concrete. This countertop has better resistance to stains and heat.


Concrete is a popular choice for kitchen countertops. It also goes well with bathroom countertops. Concrete has a highly polished and texturized surface. It makes concrete countertop a durable and robust choice.


Note that, the bathroom countertop contributes to the overall look of your space. The right material can make the space functional and attractive. Thus far, you know about the most durable bathroom countertop options available. So, choose what suits you well with your bathroom. 

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