Custom pet painting – which is your favorite?

by Brandon Welch

Most pet owners have multiple pictures of their pets on their mobile phones. Social media isn’t left out; if you have a pet, there is a high percentage chance that your pet has made it to your social media handles. Some people even go as far as opening a social media account for their pets. We love our pets and they are always fun to look at their pictures are a great way to keep their memory wherever you go.

We could take a big step by converting these pictures of our pets into a custom pet painting. It would not only be stylish but also dear to our hearts. A custom pet portrait painting of your pet goes to show how much of a family your pet is especially when hung besides the family’s photos. Whether your pet is a dog, cat, horse, fish, bird, bunny and the list goes on, a custom pet painting is a great way to honor them.

Types of Custom Pet Painting

There are different types of paintings that’s could be used for a custom pet portrait but canvas paint is a personal favorite.

Canvas pet portrait

Canvas pet portraits are always surreal especially if they have a sweet quote by the side that represents the charisma of your pet. They are a perfect way to express your pet’s personality and characteristic trait.

Wall arts

Wall arts are also an excellent type of custom pet paints. They often have a great outlook on the wall of your homes. If properly done, they look so magnificent and very eye-catching. Any pet could fit into a wall art.

Diamond paints

Diamond paints are making the rounds in recent times. They are a mixture of paint by numbers and stich paints. You could either use a square drill or round drill. Its an easy way of getting a custom pet portrait. You can do it yourself or get someone to do it for you. They are usually very artistic and beautiful when hung on the wall.

Water colour custom pet portrait

Water colours often have a cool feel to it. Although they are not commonly used by most artists on canvas but they are as beautiful as they come and could be a great option when getting a custom pet portrait.

Custom oil pet portrait

Using oil paint for a custom pet portrait is a wonderful idea. The finished work is always quite catching and interesting to look at. They are often so realistic and highlights the uniqueness of your pets.

Final Thoughts

Custom pet portraits will always be a good gift for a friend or loved one who just got a pet. They could also serve as a good gift for those who just lost their pets. A monument of their pet will be a reminder that even though their pets are gone, they are still with them and a part of the family.

So what are you waiting for? Get your own custom pet painting as soon as you can! It’s simply a no-brainer.

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