Bathroom Vanities: Give Your Bathroom an Upgrade

by Brandon Welch
bathroom vanity

When it comes to your bathroom, installing bathroom vanities should be on your mind. Your bathroom is a haven for your self-confidence and something that you use every day. You should be able to feel good and comfortable with it.

What is bathroom vanity?

A bathroom vanity is a combo of storage and the bathroom sink. Think of it as a countertop with a sink and storage in one.

Why should you have a bathroom vanity?

Here, we will provide a list of reasons that will prove why a bathroom vanity is a worthy investment for your home:

  • It conceals your plumbing

If your bathroom has exposed plumbing, it can be very ugly to look at plus it does not really look neat. You will have to clean the area every day so that you do not turn off any visitors who use your bathroom. With a bathroom vanity concealing your bathroom plumbing, your bathroom can easily look cleaner and neater.

  • More storage space

Additional storage means you can keep your spare towels and stock of toiletries inside your bathroom. When you step in the shower and find out that you are out of shampoo or soap, you no longer have to go through the hassle of wrapping yourself up in a towel and stepping out of the bathroom to get to your stock. Having a bathroom vanity means everything you need can just be within reach.

bathroom vanity
  • Adds style

A stylish bathroom can add a boost to your self-confidence and capacity to relax when using it. Bathroom vanities come in different colors and models. You can get a traditional or modern look. You can even have it custom-made to match the rest of the house. No matter what the size of your bathroom is or what your budget is, there will be a perfect and stylish bathroom vanity available for you.

  • Affordable installation

One thing you should know is that bathroom vanities are not as expensive as it looks. Compared to other bathroom installations, they come at very affordable prices. This is because it does not take a lot of work to install bathroom vanities. You do not have to hire an expert to install them – you can even do installing yourself if you are the DIY type of person.

  • Added value

One reason why bathroom vanity installations are popular these days is because of the added value it brings to your property. If you think you will be selling your house someday it will be a worthy investment. Bathrooms are one of the first things home buyers check before deciding on getting a house. The presence of a bathroom vanity makes your bathroom look neater and adds more appeal.

bathroom vanity
  • Easy repair and replacement

If you need to replace the faucet, you do not have to replace the whole bathroom vanity. You just need to replace the faucet. If the sink is chipped, all you have to do is replace the sink basin. You do not need to replace the whole thing.

  • Hassle-free update

In the event that you have to replace your bathroom vanity because you are remodeling the whole house and need to update the design or you need two sinks now instead of just one because you are expanding your bathroom, you do not have to worry about it. Bathroom vanities are not stuck on your walls. Instead, they are anchored on the wall because of the plumbing so it is easy to update or replace them. The fact that they are easy to install means that they are easy to uninstall as well.

As you can see, there are numerous reasons why bathroom vanities are worthy of your attention and your home budget. It gives your bathroom style, makes it look neater, plus it adds storage. It is a multipurpose and affordable investment that you should not miss out on.

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